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Andrew Biesen

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  • Casting Director
Chicago - IL Paid Only

Starting out in the entertainment industry as an actor at the age of 16, Andrew hit the ground running obtaining headshots, building his resume and finding representation to work his way through. After 4 years of starring in viral ads, industrials and independent comedies; Andrew realized he wasn’t an actor but knew how to market himself in the trendy nerd roles available. After realizing this, Andrew went on to consulting actors using his knowledge of the industry while attending Tribecca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy for film and broadcast. During this time, Andrew went on to further his knowledge of the talent industry by completing a multitude of casting and talent agency internships.\r\n\r\nUpon graduation, Andrew started working as a traveling production/office assistant for MTV’s Friendzone. When Andrew came back to Chicago three months later, he started producing videos for Poptent Media and became a finalist for his Spaghettio’s spec commercial “Inner Office Child”. Vince Chavez of Elkhorn Entertainment recognized Andrews potential and brought him on full-time as an associate producer. There, Andrew wore many hats working on a multitude of projects, both big and small budgets.\r\n\r\nTo get a better feel for what Andrew can do, feel free to click around on his website at, or just scroll down the page. Either way you may be pleasantly surprised.\r\n\r\nSpecialties:\r\n- Casting Director\r\n- Web Designer\r\n- Branding\r\n- Social Media\r\n- Film\r\n- Broadcast\r\n- Advertising\r\n- Producing\r\n- Writing Copy\r\n- Editing\r\n- FTP/Data Management\r\n- Commercial Production\r\n- Music Videos Production\r\n- Production Assistant\r\n- Office Assistant\r\n- Management\r\n\r\nSkills:\r\n- Casting Networks (Both as an actor and Casting Director)\r\n- Actors Access\r\n- Breakdown Express\r\n- Final Draft and Celtx\r\n- Final Cut Pro 7 Studios\r\n- Adobe Premiere Pro 6 and Creative Cloud\r\n- Broadcast and DG Fast Channel\r\n- EP Movie Magic Budgeting\r\n- Microsoft Office\r\n- Basic HTML, Dreamweaver and Wix\r\n- Hootsuite