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Anthony Dones

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Miami - FL Paid Only

I’m a filmmaker with a special concentration on cinematography. I have over 15 years of film production experience. During that time, I have shot over 120 music videos, worked on countless commercials and corporate spots, reality shows and feature films. The last two films that I lensed were both picked up for distribution (HAZMAT directed by Lou Simon and Not For Human Consumption directed by Chris Alonso). The latter film even achieved a limited coast to coast theatrical release. \r\n\r\nI have worked with many different camera platforms (RED Epic, Sony Cine-Alta, Sony F3, all flavors of DSLR’s etc) \r\n\r\nI own the following gear:\r\n\r\nCanon C100 MK II\r\nBlackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera\r\nSigma 18-35 1.8\r\nNikon 50mm 1.8\r\nNikon 85mm 1.8\r\nNikon 70-200mm 2.8 Zoom lens\r\n21″ Flanders Scientific Monitor\r\nPortable Track and dolly (15 ft. of straight track)\r\nSmall Jimmy jib (for cameras 10lbs and under)\r\nNikon D7000\r\nRedrock follow focus, whips, shoulder rig, hand grips, matte box and base plate\r\nArri Tungsten light kit (Two 1k open face Par’s and two 650w fresnels)\r\nKino Flo Diva 400\r\nAputure LED LS-1 Lite Panel (Daylight)\r\nAputure LED LS-1 Lite Panel (Bi-Color)\r\n4 C-Stands\r\n4 Sandbags\r\n4x4 gel frame\r\n6x6 Soft Frost \r\n6x6 Ultra Bounce\r\nTwo 6×6 Frames\r\nBounce, reflectors\r\n1 camera cart (500Lb capacity)\r\n1 Boom Pole\r\n1 Rode shot gun mic\r\nSennheiser Headphones\r\n1 wireless lav system (Sennhesier Gh2 transmitter/receiver)\r\nOne 160ft. wireless video system\r\nMillion Dollar liability insurance\r\n\r\nI have worked throughout the years with a consistent crew comprised of grips, gaffers, 1st and 2nd AC’s, DIT’s, field mixers, boom operators, 1st AD’s and more. I also have a solid relationship with several of the production rental houses in the area where I have been renting for many years. \r\n\r\nAs an experienced cinematographer, I have worked on both small and large projects and know my way around a 5 ton grip truck, lights, cameras and lenses.