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Art Sotelo

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  • Casting Director
Los Angeles - CA Paid or Free

Born in Fontana, California, Art Sotelo had always desired to be in the entertainment field. As a young man, he would spend hours watching and then writing scripts for movies. As he grew older and went out into the world, he lived through difficult financial hardship, but never wavered on his dream. After pulling himself through struggles, he found love and inspiration. Now with the support of his wife and the ever increasing knowledge of the business, success is just over the horizon.\r\n\r\nI am currently working on two web series and two upcoming web series in October. Also, I have a short film and a documentary film starting in November. On most of these projects I will be the associate producer or production manager. My main focus on these projects is casting and finding the crew. I also want to begin acting and learning more about film making. With my ever increasing experience and knowledge, I am seeking to become a dominate force in the entertainment industry.