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Category: Make Money

Going to NAB 2014

\r\n\r\nIf there is anyone going to NAB 2014 I would love to see you! I’ll be there from Monday until Thursday speaking at the NIKON Theater twice a day. NIKON asked me to come speak for them at the conference about filmmaking, making money in filmmaking and making the transition from making YouTube videos to shooting a Hollywood feature film.\r\n\r\nA lot of you have send us messages asking about the continuation of the ‘How to book your first $100,000 shoot‘ blog post, and it is coming… Read More…

How to book your first $100,000 shoot

Photo by Adam Barker

Photo by Adam Barker

\r\n\r\nOver the last few years, I got pretty close a few times… but that barrier is a magical one… and as superficial as it sounds, it felt so good to finally do it.\r\n\r\nThat good feeling isn’t from the money. Its all from being validated that you are awesome in someone elses eyes. That your work, your talent, you… you… you… are epic and amazing. Well, that and knowing you can pay your employees and bills… that feels very good too.\r\n\r\nI’m going to start this story a while ago… 2009… when shooting on the Canon 5D mark II was just getting popular (don’t worry, it’s not that long of a story). Vu and I were shooting everything we could. We were shooting promotional videos for photographers, we were shooting a daily comedy show, we were shooting weddings, we would shoot anything. We drove to Los Angeles from Orange County once or twice a week just to meet up with other people making videos and posting them online. We had been doing this since 2005, before YouTube was a place we trusted to upload our videos.\r\n\r\nAll of this hustle and work and network building was confusing but so so fun. Meeting other like minded people and talking to them for hours and hours was one of the best feelings I ever had. But I never knew how it would actually benefit me. I just knew I liked it.\r\n\r\nWhat did I actually like? I liked shooting, I liked talking about shooting, I liked showing people some cool tricks I learned or some new way to encode videos that saved time or bandwidth, I liked meeting someone then shooting with them and making something awesome but then going and shooting something else with someone new right after!\r\n\r\nI was a slut.\r\n\r\n Read More…