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Chloe Mae Loop

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Hello, I am a professional latin dancer based out of Chicago/LA. I was classically trained in ballet for 13 years, however throughout my dance career I have branched off to rigorously study and master many other forms of dance, including all latin dance styles (including salsa, mambo, bachata, cha cha, rumba, cabaret, Argentine tango) as well as hip hop, contemporary, swing (east and west coast) as well as other forms of ballroom and partner dancing…\r\n\r\nSome of my accomplishments:\r\n- Member of Latin Rhythms Dance Company (3 yrs), a professional latin dance company based in Chicago\r\n- Member of Latin Rhythms Bachata Legacy Dance Company (1 yr), a professional bachata dance company\r\n- World-class performer, having performed on stages all over the US as well as China and Canada, to name a few…\r\n- Performed at Chicago Bulls halftime show in both 2012 and 2013\r\n- 3rd place, Bachata Team category, World Latin Dance Cup 2012\r\n- produced/choreographed dance section for “Beautiful Girl” music video by Charlie Kim, 2012\r\n- Professional dance instructor, Mira Quien Baila (Chicago) 2011, trained Ozzie Guillen, Jr.\r\n- Member of Dando Mambo Dance Company (4 years), 2006-10\r\n- World Latin Dance Cup qualifying finalist for Cabaret Couple category, 2007\r\n- Performed multiple latin dance routines for a cultural show on CCTV1, Beijing, China, 2007\r\n- 13 yrs of classical ballet, Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Chicago (trained under world-renown Larry Long)\r\n\r\nOther specialties:\r\n- fluent in Mandarin Chinese (attended high school in Beijing)\r\n- Mandarin/English translator\r\n- dance costume designer