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Danny Mendoza

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  • Location Manager
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Once situated within a stagnant routine of the corporate strain within the construction field and continuing my educational goal of finishing my Masters Degree; I gave it all up and headed to Madrid, Spain to spend two years in the hustle of teaching the English language to students who were hungry for knowledge. And it inspired me to become a better artist but more important a better man.\r\n\r\nTrained and experience with over 10 years as a freelance photographer, I was able to assist and intern for many Los Angeles area professionals and settled into the world of glamour photography in the late 1990′s and before long emerged into the wedding photography scene in 2007. A few years later I was able to turn all those hours of training and go out on my own as true professional. Taking any and all simple projects I was fortunate to network with many other artists from around the world and before long I heard my true calling of moving to Europe. \r\n\r\nVisiting over 20 spots in 12 countries, the wonders of Europe continues motivate me to see more. \r\n\r\nAnd I can’t wait to see what and where I see next. As a famous author once said, \r\n\r\n”TO BE CONTINUED…”