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David August wins development contest for WMM Sketch Show

we make movies contest\r\n\r\nLast night Chloe Mae Loop and I went to an event in Hollywood I heard about… heard about on Facebook… didn’t really know much about… just needed to get out of the house… after working on editing a short documentary of artist Shane Robinson that Vu and I shot in Maui a few weeks ago all day. Run-on sentence is exactly how confusing and tiring one gets after an all day editing session… hahaha!\r\n\r\nSo, we show up to a small theater in Hollywood and I’m just expecting it to be a low key simple event like it was described on Facebook:\r\n\r\n

    - 10 2 to 4 page sketches will be performed with scripts in hand\r\n- 10 minute intermission\r\n- Ballots handed out for voting on the sketches\r\n- 3 to 5 long form improv scenarios will be acted out\r\n- Ballots will be collected for the 10 sketches\r\n- As Ballots get tallied, a short form improv game will be played\r\n

\r\n\r\nBut when we walk in I was instantly impressed. They packed the theater wall-to-wall with standing room only, they started on time and they took the production very seriously. I really was impressed; I snuck some texts off to Aaron to tell him about it during the event just to let him know he should have attended this event. He’ll make it next time.\r\n\r\nSo, if you don’t know about We Make Movies yet, you really should check them out. Their mission statement is “We Make Movies is a community of filmmakers who are dedicated to making the movie industry not suck” and that is something Cast and Crew Call fully believes in. They have lots of events you can find out about on the We Make Movies Facebook page.\r\n\r\nAs a bonus to the night, one of our very own Founding Members (he also graciously helped in our beta testing) David August won the contest to develop a sketch script for We Make Movies to shoot at the new YouTube Space LA. His script titled ‘Corporate Dialects’ was performed by Jim McCaffree and Terri J. Freedman and Brendan Weinhold. They were an awesome team, here is a photo of them performing:\r\n\r\nJim-McCaffree-and-Terri-J-Freedman-and-Brendan-Weinhold\r\n\r\nAnd lastly… contest winner David August and I after the event:\r\n\r\nadvid-august-wins-we-make-movies-contest

  • Misa Garcia

    Sounds like a great event, thanks for posting about it. Definitely wanna check it out.

    • Chad Kukahiko

      come on down, Misa! every Wednesday night in Hollywood. =)

  • We Make Movies

    to hell with those guys (j/k) =D

  • Shaz Jones

    Cool article and photo … but who is hiding in the corner of the kitchen? And why? #creepymuch

    • DavidAugust

      I think that is someone in the audience, it was at capacity and overflowed onto the stage. Just filmed Corporate Dialects on Monday!