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Declan Gillgallon

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London - United Kingdom Paid or Free

I am Declan Gillgallon. I am a composer that works in any form of media whether it be video game , short film or a feature film. I love to write music. It is one of my passions and any opportunity to compose for a film is ideal. A film gives me inspiration and a purpose fro writing the music. My inspirations in music are Hans Zimmer , the master of film composition, and Zack Hemsey , an extremely talented composer who works in trailers.

I focus mainly in orchestral scores with additions from synthetics to add extra colours to the score. I have the ability to work to tight deadlines . The main instrument I play is the piano which I usually compose all of my music on before recording this into Logic Pro X where I can edit the recordings to suit the music. I personally prefer to use digital samples for most of my scores as it allows me to produce samples for clients quickly therefore allowing the director to hear the score quickly.