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Devin Clarke

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  • Director
Toronto - Canada Paid or Free

Hello! I’m a filmmaker looking to work with interesting people on interesting projects.\r\nI graduated Vancouver Film School in 2002, and have been working in the industry ever since. \r\nIn the last 5 years I have been an editor and assistant editor in the DGC, shooting shorts on the side. And in the last year have opened my own production company called WhiteRock Productions where we shoot mainly corporate gigs to pay the bills.\r\n\r\nI have cameras and gear for any independent shoot and have the connections to get the big toys if we need them. I shot a independent ultra small budget feature called “Master of None” using 5Dii with Magic Lanterns RAW. I’m shooting a pilot this weekend for Tugg and Chugger, an upcoming comedy series, and soon I would like to work on you project.\r\n\r\nDrop me a line to discuss upcoming projects, I’m could help you in a Director, Camera, or Editor capacity. \r\n\r\nThanks for your time.\r\n\r\nDevin\r\n\r\n