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Erica Hampton

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  • Photographer (stills)
Los Angeles - CA Paid or Free

Erica Hampton studied photography at Eastern Michigan University – her work ranges from large-format portraiture to sweeping digital landscapes. Recent exhibits include the Ypsi Project, a portrait series highlighting the myriad of residents in Ypsilanti Michigan, and This Place is Empty, a photography series featuring abandoned and decaying structures across the US. \r\n\r\nCurrently, she is creating a photo-essay, titled Gone the Next, broaching the aftereffects of losing a parent to suicide, re-creating the haunting parallels a daughter finds between herself and her mother. \r\n\r\nErica co-founded The BUREAU of Creative Works to help spark a much-needed conversation around the value of short films and the importance of supporting the artists behind them. In 2012, she produced her first feature documentary, For Thousands of Miles. A genre-bending project selected by IFP for a year long Labs program. It was here, during her time in NYC, alongside so many other amazing, independent filmmakers, that an interest in building a better support system around indie films took root.

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