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Ernesto Fuentes

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  • Camera Operator
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  • Videographer
Montreal - Canada Paid Only

Ernesto’s love for visual arts started when he was 11 years old which influenced him later and eventually led him to video production. \r\n\r\nErnesto’s journey began when his uncle Ivan not only introduced him to classical music and sculpting, but also to well known Austrian artists, painter, Georg Raugh, and cinematographer Michael Vetter. \r\n\r\nBy the age of 23 Ernesto had discovered his true passion and talent for video production under the sea. \r\n\r\nAs a professional Commercial Diver, Ernesto’s ability to move underwater caught the attention of an American underwater video production company in Cozumel, Mexico called “Twin Dolphins Productions.” Underwater, Ernesto became the crane, jib and slider! Ernesto soon learned that creativity and the power of observation were limited only by the scuba tank on his back. \r\n\r\nErnesto’s work experiences and his passion for high level hospitality in the service industry around the world have been a key factor in his understanding of businesses and how they operate and deliver high quality products.\r\n\r\nAt the end of the day Ernesto’s goal is achievement, both his and yours!\r\n


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