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Filippo Chiesa

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  • Colorist
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
Milan - Italy Paid Only

I’m an Italian DOP/Film Maker.\r\nThe term “Film Maker”, IMHO, summarizes all the following \r\nskills: Director, DOP, Cameraman, Editor, Colorist, etc…\r\nI understand that it may seem a bit presumptuous introduce myself as a \r\n”know-all”, but it’s what I do every day and try to do my best.\r\nI know that it’s not often possible to cover more than one role at the \r\nsame time, when it happens, I love to work as a DOP/Cameraman or Director.\r\nI started working as a photographer and as a cameraman; I know and I use \r\nthe most popular Cine Digital Cameras; I own 4K equipment, cine \r\nlensesand a lot of other equipment.\r\nThanks to my constant and intense research and my blog, I was contacted \r\nby Panasonic (World Opinion Leader) and, later, by Sony as an I.C.E. \r\n(Independent Certified Expert).\r\nIn this period, due to economic difficulties, persons that are able to \r\nplay multiple roles, are greatly appreciated.\r\nI offer a wealth of experience and enormous passion.\r\nPlease let me know if there is any further information you require.\r\nThanks for your attention.\r\nI’m looking forward to hearing from you.