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Francisco Funes

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Buenos Aires - Argentina Paid or Free

My name is Francisco Funes and I’m 19 years old. I am currently studying at CIC (Centro de investigación cinematografíca) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a young enterprising person, whose biggest desire is to work for the movie industry and become a Filmmaker.\r\nI’ve made some things by myself. When i was 13 years old, I made a short animated film only using Cinema 4D. It’s called “Revolución Humana” (Human Revolution). A sci-fi film in which a robot has to confront the revolution of an invention he made by himself, the human race. \r\nAlso, when i was 15 years old I made a full-length documentary about the visit of the Jonas Brothers to Argentina. Documentary, which i sold to the JB fans and with the earned money, i could buy the macbook that I enjoy today. \r\nThis semester at the university, I had the chance to direct my first short-film with a group of people. the short film is one minute long, because it was an instruction of the exercise. Also, we couldn’t use direct sound. It’s called “El Quinto Turno” (the fifth turn). A story about five guys playing the russian roulette and something fantastic (that breaks the plausible world) happens. It’s a Surreal Short film, It’s fantastic, Not Plausible. \r\nAlso, I directed another shotfilm called “Demencia” (Demential) A story about a transformation of an old woman that has to fight against her own perception of reality. \r\nFurthermore, in the Argentine summer of 2012, I had the chance to do a Internship in the Production of “Mala” (Evil Woman) by Adrian Caetano.\r\nIn the year 2013 I worked as an Assistant Editor in the making of the webisodes and sony-broadcasted episodes of the Volkswagen Sonemfest (A Latin American music festival of emergent bands)\r\nCurrently, I’m working at Frame Zero (a production company which makes content for television in latin america) as an assistant editor.\r\nI know how to use different media programs. Such as, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, etc.\r\nAlso, in the year 2012 I Passed the FCE (First certificate in english) with a B and got a score of almost 80% in my final grade. I’ll continue studying english and take other exams.