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Frank Krueger

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  • Actor
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Los Angeles - CA Paid Only

Frank Krueger is an actor, writer and producer of the new multi-platform film project, The Darkness Descending, starring Danny Trejo, Kinga Philipps, Kristoff St John, Tiffany Adams, with WWE Superstars John Hennigan and Melina Perez.\r\n\r\nThe project also stars Louis Mandylor, Michael Walton, Darren Darnborough, Sara Maraffino, Chase Austin, Nicci Faires, Duane Shepard, Wylie Small, and Peter Dobson.\r\n\r\nDirected by Marc Clebanoff and was shot by the great Bui Brothers, Lan and Vu Bui, The Darkness Descending will be released in 2013.