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Free two page Professional Call Sheet Template


Looking for a single page free call sheet template? Click here.

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\ncall-sheet-template\r\n\r\nNo strings attached… just straight free download of a professional Call Sheet Template.\r\n\r\nI’ve looked high and hard for a great call sheet template… even a good call sheet template… even just a usable call sheet template!!! I was not able to find one that really did the job. I was always jealous when I got hired to go on set to DP a shoot and the call sheet was all nice and pretty and more importantly easy to read and looks easy to use! An easy to use call sheet was nowhere to be found.\r\n\r\nSo… I asked Microsoft Excel GURU, Chloe Mae Loop, to make one with me after consulting with one of my producers, Lindsey Koens on what all it should have on it. We built it from the ground up keeping ease of editing in mind. We pulled out a number of call sheets from commercials, TV shows, indy films, big feature films and made what we believe to be the a great easy to use call sheet.\r\n\r\nChloe made it in Excel, but then I realized that not everyone would have Excel so I put up a survey asking people what format they would like to have it in.\r\n\r\n2,320 people ended up taking a look at the survey so I think we have a pretty good idea what format the call sheet template should be in. The top two were Excel and PDF. So right now we are publishing it in both MAC and PC versions of Excel with the PDF version of the call sheet on the way (we will just add it here later).\r\n\r\nPlease download it and use it for free. Here are the direct download links:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Call Sheet Template MAC Excel version


Call Sheet Template PC Excel version


Single Page PDF and Google Doc Call Sheet Template

\r\n\r\n\r\nEnjoy!!! And if there are any changes or suggestions let’s discuss that below in the comments.\r\n

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  • dps

    Ways to complicate for a call sheet. I can see half of the team not being able to understand. \nA call sheet has to be simple and with one glimps all the information has to be there.

    • dps

      Information needed on a call sheet : \nTelefon Numbers of members on the set, call time, location. \nIf you want to do something like this it has to be a multiple pages call sheet – frist page call sheet – further pages additinal information.

      • AnthonyD42

        Hey DPS, sorry to disagree, but this call shoot looks like every call sheet I’ve seen the last 20+ years in the industry. However if you have a more simplified one I’d love to see it!

        • dps

          I am a photographer and moving images are quite a new business for me – i am shooting now for 2 years little image videos for clients. \nCall sheets on photo productions are much simplified – and we are happy when some people are able to find the doorbell :) \nIf i am on a big set we have 15 people there – so i guess the callsheet is just good as it is. I just wanted to share my feedback.

      • AxiomMediaPro

        They know what info to put on it… They made this call sheet because it has what THEY need. They shared this with you as a favor. If you want that on it, go ahead and put what you need or simply make your own. Ingrate.

    • fauxpress

      This layout is classic, readable and understandable to anyone who’s ever seen a call sheet. Larger productions have more info to disseminate than ‘simple’ can contain. This is as simple as complicated gets.

  • Jam

    Can I get this in a format that I can open in Pages? Thanx

    • Scott Smith

      Tell the XLS file to open in Numbers and it translates perfectly. Pages isn’t a very robust spreadsheet app, more of a Word processor like MS Word.

  • Jess

    Thanks for sharing! It’ll be a great starting point for me. Hope it’s ok if I convert it to another format, now that the bulk of the work for this is done.

  • Greg Cervall

    Thanks for that. I’m working on two shorts films in France, and it will be very helpful!

  • John Hill

    This is an excellent example of a call-sheet. It is simple and easy to understand. Great job!

  • Fass5RingBinder

    Please also provide as the old-fashioned “.xls” and “.doc” files – these can be opened in third-party freeware, such as Open Office. Those types of files can be selected when “saving as” in Microsoft Office. Thanks for the forms!

    • john

      I have open office and it opened just fine. Have you update Open Office recently?

      • davidchecker

        Probably not, I use it so rarely – thanks for the tip!

  • Fass5RingBinder

    Hi Lindsey! (David from Out Go The Lights)

  • Frederic VT

    It looks good, but I can’t open with Open Office

  • wkeeling

    I am only getting the first page with the PC download

    • turtlefoot

      Me too; hope I will actually be able to get/download the two-page one.

  • golewis

    This is great guys! Everything I need. I recently had to create one myself and of course went far more simplified. This is better because as the production grows, everything needed is already there. One small note: crew who want to print the sheet at home may be less likely to have legal paper available. No biggie.

  • Lan Bui

    Just replaced the files with XLS versions! Same as before just should open in more programs easier.

  • Rebel Cinema Ent

    awesome call sheet thank you for posting it…

  • Anderson William

    Thanks so much!

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  • laspaniard

    My shoots are very small-scale, so that second template you showed that’s the more simplified one would be perfect! Are you going to release it soon?

  • Zac

    Will you let us know when the shorter on is available please? Thanks in advance!

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  • Renze Boeren

    Thanks guys!

  • DaRealness

    Great call sheet guys! Good job and very much appreciated. Only one thing – I can’t see the back page in PC version? I may be an idiot with Excel – but can anyone shed some light on this?

    • Lan Bui

      Thanks! It is actually just on the second sheet tab you can find in the bottom.

      • DaRealness

        Thanks Lan – I knew it was going to be so simple – and boy do I feel stupid. I think I need brush up on Excel.

        • Lan Bui

          All good!

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  • shantkiraz

    Great article, but I’ve found has the best call sheet template. They also include personalized call times, manage cast and crew, and production document backup.

    • anda sumatra

      yes we are agree with yours statement shantkiraz sumatra travel

    • Ryan Felton

      Bro, you’ve “started using” Studio Binder??? Just be honest and tell everyone you’re the damned Co-Founder. This is a shady (and spammy) comment.

  • turtlefoot

    This link “Call Sheet Template PC Excel version” brings up a single page call sheet, not the double page one that I would love to get. (I did NOT click on the “Single Page PDF…”

  • ldeboer

    Great stuff! I’m a 2nd AD on many different sized projects, including feature films, and personally use SetHero for call sheets. Amazing template design, publishing via email and texting, call time confirmations… it’s great!

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  • shantkiraz

    Great call sheet template! Anyone else use StudioBinder to send and track their call sheets?\n