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Jason Shifflett

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  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Videographer
Richmond - VA Paid Only

I have been working in film and video for 13 years, but have been a photographer for 16. I come from a still photo background which I feel has always made me look at motion picture a little differently from folks who were trained and brought up in a motion environment. My transition from still to video was through my job as a High Speed Cinematographer for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shooting vehicle crash tests at 500-1000 FPS using 16mm film and Phantom and IDT High Speed Digital Imagers. I co-founded Take 29 Productions in 2006 with my good friend Brannon Shiflett. We are available for any kind of project be it independent film, documentary, corporate projects, etc….. I am actually located in Charlottesville, VA, about 60 mins West of Richmond and 2 hours south of D.C. I am willing to travel and own a Sony F3 SLOG unlocked recording to Sound Devices PIX 240i.