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Joel Lovell

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How a Videographer Was Born -\r\n\r\nJanuary 22, 1999. Bridget and I were married at Cobb’s Mill Inn in CT. The kid who was supposed to be our videographer canceled at the last minute, and as chance would have it, there wasn’t a single soul showing up at the wedding with any video cameras. Not even one old VHS consumer camcorder. The place was beautiful, with the soft glow of the old mills lighting the winter ice waterfall on the pond. We danced to a classical pianists music, the ceremony was simple, our vows our own. All recorded only in our memories. Yes, we had a photographer, and the photos were nice to have — they captured the moments. But they didn’t capture the story. We truly, painfully regretted not having a videographer for our wedding. I could have sent the video to my parents who were unable to travel from Louisiana to Connecticut due to my father’s precarious health, and now, I wish I could have something that our children could watch. \r\n\r\nOver the next several years, I realized that video tours of real estate — if they existed — were really poor quality. Pixelated and messy. And whoever was taking the footage was panning too fast, had horrible music tracks, didn’t show the things I wanted to see as a home buyer. There were some early 360 panoramic efforts to showcase homes, but even that was only marginally interesting. I noticed that movie trailers on Apple’s website however, were really nice quality — cinematic in style and size. I wondered — why couldn’t real estate property tours be done using the same technology and delivery? (Progressive downloads.) I thought it was such a great idea I started a side business, invested in some serious video equipment (Canon XLS), Crane, SteadyCam, computer hardware, and software. The learning curve and the expense was painful, and full of many hard lessons. One being — most of that equipment was not needed. Trying to be practical and sell a lot of it, resulted in it all being stolen, right when a big company wanted to really launch things.\r\n\r\nFast forward to the present. Over a dozen wedding videos made, some on consumer camcorders, some on rented pro gear, and finally on some DSLR gear. I’m done. No longer doing event or legal videography. Something far more fun has presented itself — making high quality HD video showcasing vacation destinations. Ever want to book a vacation and you couldn’t find pictures or video of the type of cabin on your cruise ship, or what the beaches really looked like at that resort? Or worse, you find a video, and its Uncle Billy Bob’s shaky cell phone video making you seasick — or maybe it’s that horrible music he’s slapped onto it before he stuck it on youtube? \r\n\r\nWe like to travel. Bridget & I and the kids will showcase our vacations to not only share our adventure, but to allow others to see what the place is really like.