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Lauren Goodnight

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Columbia - SC Paid or Free

Professional VA since 2003, working for ADV Films/Section23 and Antarctic Press as well as many small volunteer projects. Currently hosting the sex education radio show 8-Bit Sex and serving in the community as a sexologist. \r\nCurrently based out of South Carolina, will be based out of the UK shortly. Rates are competitive and flexible for big or small projects!\r\n\r\nAngelic Layer – narrator\r\nAquarian Age: Sign for Evolution – Arayashiki West, Sarashina\r\nD.N.Angel – Girl A (ep 21), Little Girl (ep 25)\r\nNeon Genesis Evangelion Director’s Cut – additional voices\r\nNoir – additional voices\r\nPretear – Natsue Awayuki\r\nRahXephon – additional voices\r\nSorcerer Hunters OAV – Shiorena\r\nSuper GALS – various minor roles\r\nGold Digger: Time Raft – Brittany Diggers\r\nNana’s Everyday Life – Nana\r\nDr Whooves Adventures – Twilight Sparkle (ongoing)