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  • Director of Photography
Calgary - Canada Paid Only

We are L&C Style, a dynamic duo with a partnership of 20 years and over 29 countries. Luis is a DP/Cinematographer, member of Canadian Society of Cinematography, and a passionate extremely hard working perfectionist for light, movement and meaning. Candace is a producer, a writer, and a superb scripty/post-prod supervisor on set; and off set works to make things happen.\r\n\r\nWe are a one-stop production and post-production house. We own our gear, work with and use 4K cinema cameras, cinema lenses, jib arms, cranes, dolly tracks, sliders and more. We always design shots with both the meaning and vision in mind, as well as the edit. And because we do, we are blazing fast on set and in post.\r\n\r\nWe love what we do and are constantly improving ourselves, and evolving our styles and workflow. From concept to completion, we are your team!\r\n

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