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Leonardo Nasca

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  • Boom Operator
  • Sound Mixer
  • Sound Recordist
  • Sound Supervisor
Los Angeles - CA Paid Only

Gear List:\r\n\r\nRecorder: Sound Devices 788T 256gb SSD\r\nBackup Recorder: Edirol R44\r\nMixer: Sound Devices Cl-8\r\nShotgun: Sennheiser 416, Rode NTG-2\r\nLavs: 4 Sennheiser g3′s – with 2 Sanken Cos-11 mics and two stock me2\r\nTimecode: Denecke TS-3 with backlight\r\nIFB: 1 Comtek 216 Transmitter, 2 Comtek 216 Receivers, Headphones\r\n\r\n30 Rechargeable AA’s and 4 Rechargeable 9v’s\r\nAll Accessories and cables \r\nCart\r\nBoom pole\r\nZeppelin\r\n\r\n