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Luis Solarat

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  • Director
London - United Kingdom Paid Only

Filmmaker/ Cinematographer\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nI have more than 5 years experience in a wide variety of roles. My background has been eclectic not only in terms of technical and artistic skills but I also have a strong knowledge of marketing and targets. My experience with clients such as Red Bull and Rexona has equipped me with the necessary skills to thrive in a production company or to be involved in demanding freelance projects.\r\n\r\nAfter finishing my last job in a production company I have developed my own style as a freelance filmmaker. My main achievement was to create a format of event videos where I filmed some of the best electronic music events in London. I have taken advantage of this period to work on my own projects too. I have recently released two shortfilms which have taken an international trajectory.\r\n\r\nI would be very glad if you spent some minutes of your day to take a look at my work at where you can get an idea of my style. \r\n


E9 7QG