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Luke Stewart

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  • Director
Tucson - AZ Paid Only

Hi! I have been working in the 3D animation and visual effects industry for over 12 years. Currently employed as a Visual Effects Supervisor at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ, I supervise all aspects of animation production, from script development and storyboarding, to managing artists, to delivering the final edit to the client. I also write, direct and produce films. I’m in post production on my first feature film, Holodad.\r\n\r\nI specialize in providing VFX for movies with a production budget of less than a million dollars. Through creative outsourcing, smart VFX choices, and good old-fashioned know-how, I can deliver quality shots that parallel many of the top VFX houses in the industry. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for VFX on your feature film, please contact me.