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Nathan Meade

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  • Director of Photography
Los Angeles - CA Paid Only

I love imagery, imagery of all kinds – painting, photography, film, sculpture, architecture. I am fascinated with light – the way light sneaks into a room through a cracked door, or falls on a person through a window, or creeps through the trees of a forest and backlights dust and atmosphere. These two passions are merged in my approach to cinematography through the deliberate use of composition, space and perspective and through thoughtful use of the quality, direction and color of light. I enjoy working with the director to tell the story they are trying to convey. I believe the images I produce should be able to tell the story on their own without calling attention to themselves. \r\n\r\n My work philosophy is simple – work hard and keep a good attitude. I usually show up to set early, rarely sit down, take my job seriously but with a laid-back attitude, and try to keep things positive.\r\n\r\n I am inspired by visual arts, particularly paintings and photography. I am inspired by nature, its grandeur and its intricacies. I am inspired by music. I am inspired by other people and their passions.\r\n\r\n At a young age I had a fascination with filmmaking. In my early teens I began to fall in love with photography. With an old Olympus OM-1 in hand, I would capture 35mm stills of details, spaces and objects that normally go unnoticed. Then at age 17, I landed an internship at a local access TV studio. This is where it all came together. I now knew where I belonged – directly behind the camera. I quickly worked my way up to a full-time position at the studio. Over the next 13 years I worked as a staff cameraman and editor at a couple of different companies until I fully entered the freelance world in 2012. I now work freelance as a cinematographer. I also work as a gaffer and 1st camera assistant.\r\n\r\n Outside of my passion for my work, I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy travel and exploring the world with my wife and children. I also love the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, cycling, mountain biking, or just going to the beach. I have a passion for skydiving and currently hold an A-license. I enjoy creating, whether it’s my photography, cooking, playing guitar, singing, making DIY tools for my work or just building Legos with my son.\r\n