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Nick Kachibaia

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  • Director of Photography
Toronto - Canada Paid or Free

I specialize in festivals, corporate events and documentaries. I really enjoy the run and gun style of shooting live productions. Those amazing moments will only happen once, so you better be fast enough and see them coming! Dedicated to making the absolute best product possible under every circumstance. \r\n\r\nI love film making and am willing to work for free as long as the project has an artistic and interesting conceptual direction. That includes music videos, short films and documentaries.\r\n\r\nI am always open to working with new crews and creating something amazing.\r\n\r\nGear List:\r\n\r\nCanon 5D Mark III – ML RAW capable \r\n16-35 2.8 IS II\r\n24-105 4.0\r\nSigma 50mm 1.4\r\nDJI Ronin Gimbal\r\nGlidecam 4000\r\nFully loaded rig: follow focus, monitor + other aceesories\r\nKessler slider\r\nVideo Tripod\r\nLighting: 2x 800w , 2x 1000w, 2x 2000w\r\nA very loud 3600w gerator :) \r\n