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Rajan Kambli

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  • Line Producer
Bombay - India Paid or Free

Possess a comprehensive experience of over 28 years in the Industry as an Producer, Line Producer, Executive Producer, Production Controller, Manager Finance & Production, Project Manager (Administration & Operations), Etc.\r\n\r\n Expertise in handling Budgets, Finance Control, Finalizing the Crew members & their Remunerations, Scheduling & Planning the Shoot, Supervising & Executing the Pre Production work – Shoot – Post Production work, Marketing the Finished Product at various level.\r\n\r\nCOMPETENCY AREAS:-\r\n\r\nOverall Management & Operations ♫ Content Creation & Aggregation ♫ Strategy and Alliances ♫ New Project handling & implementation ♫ Creative Visualization ♫ Pre-production, Production & Post-production planning & execution ♫ Well-bred in the Media culture ♫ Integration of creativity with project budgets ♫ Take creative risks to establish industry trends.\r\n