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T.J. Rotell

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  • Actor
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Los Angeles - CA Paid Only

I am Actor / Producer originally from Scranton, PA currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. \r\n\r\nProducer T.J.:\r\nI spent the better part of a decade working in New Media with the wonderfully talented folks behind The Guild, The Legend of Neil, The Bannen Way, Team Unicorn and The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour. Currently, I am producing several TV and Film projects as well as content for Machinima Prime and Machinima main along side my partners at Angel Valley Media and World’s Finest BLT. \r\n\r\nMy Producing style is simple. Inspire the people around you. Be a leader they want to follow, not one that demands that they do. Always learn. Always grow. Treat people with respect. Value their work and presence on the team. Finally and most importantly, never forget who you are, where you came from and those that helped you achieve your goals.\r\n\r\nActor T.J.:\r\nWith well over a decade of Musical Theatre behind me I now strive to find interesting roles in TV and Film that show off my skill set. I love character work. My primary focus is on comedy and horror but I certainly do not limit my work to those genres. I have done a handful of Voice Over jobs but would love to dive into that world a lot more in the future.